11 Toys That Will Make Your Toddler Love Bath Time

Toddlers tend to be stubborn and capricious and making them do what you want them to do can be a challenge. Bath time is no exception.

Does your toddler object to being washed? The key to getting your toddler into the tub quickly and efficiently, and let you wash her or him, is simple: Make bath time fun.

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Here are some awesome toys you can and should keep in your bathroom. With so many wonderful options to choose from, why not change your child’s attitude towards bath time by giving him one new toy on every day for a week or two, building up a collection of toys? You can then rotate, to keep them fresh and enticing.

  1. This beautiful sleek whale in blue and white can be a great floating pal in the bath tub. It’s 7.5 inches long and will always float around because of it’s water-tight buoyant body. Made of top-quality materials, it stays clean, with no mold or mildew issues.

whale bath toy

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2. Munchkin Five Sea Squirts Bath Toys

This set is perfect for our purposes! Five quality squirt toys, so you can give a new one daily for almost a week. Alternatively, present them as a set of “bath buddies”. Cute and small enough to be easily grasped by young hands, these colorful toys are a great choice.

Munchkin Five Sea Squirts Bath Toys

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3. Giraffe Floatie Family

These adorable giraffes are simply irresistible. Toddlers love the concept of adult vs. young ones and they love playing with the parent giraffe who takes such great care of the young ones, carrying them on his (or her?) back in the tub.

floating giraffe family bath toy

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4. Floating Alligator Family Bath Toy

The perfect match for your family of giraffes would be these awesome ‘gators! They have teeth but they’re showing them in pleasingly peaceful smiles, so most toddlers will probably find them very cute and let them play with the giraffes 😉

alligators family bath toy

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5. Water Bugs Floating Bath Toys with Net

Some bath toys are so cool they make me wish I was the toddler in the bath! This set is one of them. A cute little mesh net with which your child can catch the floating “bugs”. The bugs are actually cute colorful “blobs” of color, so there’s nothing disgusting about having them in your tub.

Water bug net bath toy

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6. Interactive Frog Bath Toy for Toddlers

Reviewers sing the praise of this unique bath toy. It’s not cheap but what you get in return is a water-operated learning/activity center that attached to your tub with suction cups, to keep your baby or toddler busy.

interactive frog toy for toddlers

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7. Table Bathtime Toy

Sticking to the educational theme, here’s an awesome bathtime learning tool. This table comes with its own activities, or can serve as a useful floating stable tray for playing with pretty much any toy. It’s perfect for one child or two.

bath playing table

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8. Thomas the Train Bath Buddies

For Thomas fans of all ages (well, ok, all young ages), this is a classic. Thomas and his pal Bulstrode join forces in floating around your tub and keeping your toddler entertained with the characters she knows and loves.

thomas the train bath toy

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9. Tea Time & Bath Time

If your elegant toddler wants to host a tea party during bath time, this is the perfect choice of a gift for her or him. Do read the reviews first because apparently, the product description isn’t fully accurate. I decided to include it here anyway because reviewers agree that their kids LOVE this set, and after all, that’s the most important thing.

tea set bath toy

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10. Crayola Bath Dropz

Who says bath water have to be colorless? Make bath time even more fun by adding color to the water. It’s a great way to teach kids about the days of the week by setting up Green Mondays, Orange Tuesdays etc. If you do use this with toddlers, keep the box out of reach as the actual drops are too small for children under three.

bath dropz

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11. A Rubber Ducky!

Last, but not least. If you don’t have one yet, order a good old quality rubber ducky. I believe some toys are classics for a reason, and this is definitely one of them. Invest in a quality duck like this one that’s made of non-toxic rubber and can float around and make a sound when squeezed.

rubber duck

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